Community Empowerment

We want to buld strong communities who embrace nature. TAEQ offers seminars on environmental issues and sustainable entrepreneurship for people of all ages.

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Environmental Peacekeeping

TAEQ creates a space for encounters.

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Supporting Organic Agriculture

Our projects in the Batouf Valley aim to strengthen local organic farming. We support the distribution of agricultural products to help create sustainable incomes from sustainable farming.

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Our Mission

To live in the Land in Peace, one must first live in peace with the Land. That’s the credo of TAEQ – the Towns Association for Environmental Quality. Located in a verdant corner of the Galilee, TAEQ is the first environmental organization to grow out of the Israeli Arab sector. Our educational, scientific and advisory activities are planting seeds of change – by inspiring Arabs and Jews to protect the nature they share.

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Picture of the Month

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