Give or Join

Do you want to support or join our activities for sustainable communities in the Galilee and environmental peacekeeping in the Middle East? Are you interested in becoming a partner and benefitting from mutual exchange of knowledge and joint bi- or multi-national projects?

Why support our projects? Participants in TAEQ programs will grow up to become the community leaders who recycle, conserve energy, and mitigate environmental damage at the local level. They will be the well-informed professionals who make environmentally responsible decisions and invest in green development. They will be the environmental ambassadors who reach beyond their own communities to promote sustainability, regional cooperation, and peace.

There are many ways to show your support. Our Development Team is happy to assist you with any questions. Contact us at [email protected]

We are currently seeking to build up sustainable, long-term projects with international partners. If you are interested in participating, feel free to contact us!

Tares Viva Scholarship

Each year, we grant 52 students 4,500 ILS for their studies (related to the environmental field). They further receive a training course in teaching and communicating environmental matters to a young audience. In return, they perform 4 hours of environmental classes in local primary schools.