Hanadi Hijris, Planning and Environmental Supervision Manager

Hanadi holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Diploma in Education, from the University of Haifa. Currently focuses on empowering women through local sustainable agriculture initiatives. [email protected]

Amal Badarny, Environmental Education Coordinator

Amal works with the Green Network, Ecotop projects, and student/teacher courses for high schools and universities. She coordinates projects with more than 40 schools. [email protected]

Lydia Hamudy, Project Coordinator in Sustainable Development

Lydia promotes sustainable agriculture and cooperates with women's NGOs. She is further involved in the education branch. [email protected]

Saed Khalayle, Green Building Custodian

Saed is in charge of the precious green building. He takes care of maintaining the structures and arranging events.

Rafat Abu-Rayah, Environmental Planning Consultant

Rafat is responsible for granting building permits and mapping. [email protected]

Eyad Ganayem, Urban Planning and Governance

Eyad works on inspection and regulation enforcement within the communities of Sakhnin, Eilabun and Kaukab Abu El-Heija. [email protected]

Jennifer Sheffield, International Coordinator

Jennifer develops proposals and designs programs in the English-speaking sector. She also develops academic articles and case studies, and provides green building consulting. A LEED Accredited Professional with 12 years of sustainability and green building experience, she holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Management from Haifa University and a BS in Geography from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Hussein Tarabeih, Executive Director

Hussein received his Ph.D. from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa. Currently he is a Professor for Environmental and Geopolitical Conflicts at Sakhnin College. Email:[email protected]