Hanadi Hijris, Planning and Environmental Supervision Manager

Hanadi holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Diploma in Education, from the University of Haifa. Currently focuses on empowering women through local sustainable agriculture initiatives.

Amal Badarny, Environmental Education Coordinator

Amal works with the Green Network, Ecotop projects, and student/teacher courses for high schools and universities. She coordinates projects with more than 40 schools.

Lydia Hamudy, Project Coordinator in Sustainable Development

Lydia promotes sustainable agriculture and cooperates with women's NGOs. She is further involved in the education branch.

Saed Khalayle, Green Building Custodian

Saed is in charge of the precious green building. He takes care of maintaining the structures and arranging events.

Rafat Abu-Rayah, Environmental Planning Consultant

Rafat is responsible for granting building permits and mapping.

Eyad Ganayem, Urban Planning and Governance

Eyad works on inspection and regulation enforcement within the communities of Sakhnin, Eilabun and Kaukab Abu El-Heija.

Jennifer Sheffield, International Coordinator

Jennifer develops proposals and designs programs in the English-speaking sector. She also develops academic articles and case studies, and provides green building consulting. A LEED Accredited Professional with 12 years of sustainability and green building experience, she holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Management from Haifa University and a BS in Geography from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Hussein Tarabeih, Executive Director

Hussein received his Ph.D. from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa. Currently he is a Professor for Environmental and Geopolitical Conflicts at Sakhnin College.