Urban Planning and Governance

Together with local authorities we design environmental friendly policies and standards for improved living conditions within the towns under TAEQ’s jurisdiction. Our staff makes sure these are adapted on the ground by accompanying development processes and thus protecting the balance of nature.

Urban upgrading activities:

§  In the neighboring (Jewish) regional council of Misgav, TAEQ removed hundreds of tons of waste from the Hilazon stream leading to the Sakhnin valley.  A trail for walking and cycling was paved in the restored stream and now serves the residents of the two neighboring communities.

§  The creation of a public park in the Misgav region, built on the site of a waste pit restored to its natural state by TAEQ volunteers.

§  Weekend clean-ups of polluted streams and public spaces, open to the everyone

Local, on the ground initiatives for the creation of green urban spaces include: