Scientific Research and Development

TAEQ integrates traditional Arab techniques from construction and agriculture into new technologies in order to craft innovative answers to environmental challenges.

We want to provide low-cost, decentralized and easy-to-implement solutions. Most of our Research and Development activities are targeted at water provision for rural areas, which are often neglected, but face serious drought issues in the arid middle-east.

For implementation we work together with local officials as well as communities from Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

Results/Current Action
Time Period

The use of UV systems for disinfection of Constructed Wetland effluent under real life conditions to build model systems

The role of plants in CW wastewater treatment, test the applicability of plant species with high agronomic value (e.g. corn, sorghum)

These systems will be used for education and training of local operators and post graduate professionals from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan