Publications and Press

TAEQ is recipient of the following national and international awards:

2014 SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design, presented for exceptional social, economic, and environmental impact. Presented in New York City, USA

2014 Public Interest Design Global Award, presented for design that promotes public good, including TAEQ’s target criteria of cultural heritage, local identity, and environmental education. Presented in Paris, France

2012 Finalist, Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation, presented for outstanding innovation in the public sector to improve the socio-economic environments in cities and regions, promote sustainability, and hence advance the livelihood of their citizens. Presented in Guangzhou, China

2012 Green Globe Award from Life & Environment, the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs presented for outstanding contribution to environment and public health. Presented in Tel Aviv, Israel

2006 First Place - European Union MED-ENEC Pilot-Project Award Competition on Energy Conservation in the Green Building of Sakhnin. The competition included a grant that funded the building energy efficiency